A Woodland Gal Pal Party

Today is my dear friend’s 21st birthday! Oh wow. I have to admit I am a tad heartbroken that I can’t be back in my hometown to celebrate such a rite of passage. Although, knowing us it wouldn’t be a raucous “21 run”, more like a champagne sipping, party dress wearing, girls night in, ending in deep talks about life and love. Haha, we know we are ridiculous, but I bet you have a gal pal like that too.

Well, since I can not do it in person, I am throwing her a virtual party! Here it is!

Photos via here

Isn’t it lovely? Oh! And this is what we are wearing!

Pink Dress, Heels, Cream Cardi, Tiara, Green Dress, Flats, Grey Cardi, Earrings

Happy Birthday SarSar! Hope you liked your party ;)



  • SarSar

    I am crying! No Joke! Bahhhh I love you so much! I am also heartbroken you aren’t here bestie! Best party ever!! So so beautiful:)