Introducing Mister Bingley

The most wonderful thing has happened. I can not even describe how happy it has made me, it is that amazing. Are you ready to know what it is? Are you ready to have your breath taken away? Didn’t think so. But I’ll tell you this epic news anyways.

We got a KITTEN!

Yes! A kitten! He is the sweetest thing. Cuddly, engaged, playful, and so gosh darn cute. Here are his stats:

  • Name: Mister Bingley (yes, from Jane Austen)
  • Age: 10 weeks
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Color: Chai tea latte
  • Favorite snuggle spot: Under my chin
  • Favorite spot to stay in the action: In front of boyfriend’s computer screen.
  • Best skill: Jungle gym acrobatics
  • Most noticeable quirk: Ever shifting crooked tail.
Well, even if you are not a cat person, I am sure you can understand my obsession. Just try to envision waking up to the cutest creature you can imagine, their bright eyes excited to see you, and their little paws pressing at your lips in a sweet kiss. Oh and they will be your best friend for the rest of their lives. It is pretty magical isn’t it?