Rub a Dub Dub.

Big news! I’ve been doing this thing where I make a conscious effort to do nice things for myself. Yeah, I know it sounds simple but it really isn’t for me, and I all too often finish a day and reflect that I didn’t do anything that I genuinely wanted to. So I am giving myself a pat on the back for making an effort this week. I did things like; workout, dance, bake cookies, garden, and have a fresh mint cocktail with my man. I went so crazy I even decided to take a bath with bubbles and candles and the works!

And, ummm… the candles were nice? Our vintage apartment tub didn’t have drain stop so I improvised, the tub was a much too shallow for a good soak, Bingley wouldn’t stop staring at me in dismay and I accidentally dropped my towel in the suds. Oh well, it was a good effort.

I have not lost faith, however, that a candle lit soak in a well-appointed bathroom could do wonders for ones spirits. And was thus motivated to round up some lovely bubble bath worthy spaces.

All Via My Pinterest

I know it is supposed to be every woman’s dream to have an enormous royal bath room the size of my current house, but I am really not drawn to that particular extravagance. Ponies? Sure. Castle? You betcha. Ball gowns at breakfast? No doubt. Crazy bathroom? Not so much. I much prefer well laid out, fresh and friendly spaces. Mostly white and charcoal, traditional tile, classic lines and patterns, much millwork and plenty of natural light.

That’s not too much to ask for right? I hope not, otherwise I might never get a soothing soak as I envisioned it :-)



  • Mkndogwalker

    Also your towel is never too far away.(:
    My bathrooms need help. These look lovely.

  • Tami

    Ah, I love a good big tub. Way to pamper yourself!