Sassy Brass

One day when I design and build my dream house my kitchen will be white. This isn’t really an option, it just is what will happen. White is my favorite color and the uncontested winner for kitchens in my book. So fresh, so bright, and so clean. But… I’ll admit they can get kinda boring. Thats why you need the right accent to balance out the white with some shine, some color and some spice. And I think I have found my perfect accent; brass. Sure its trendy right now, but it has staying power says I. Its a traditional material, is a finish, not a shape, so can be worked into many styles, and as a metallic accent it can be paired with any color with out being too busy… or just all white :) So I am pretty confident that my “one day” kitchen will one day have some sassy brass.

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  • Mkndogwalker

    I am surprised I actually like the mix of metals.