Smarty Pants: BHLDN New Years

Smarty Pants 12.31.11

Happy New Years Eve! You may have noticed I have, unintentionally, taken the week off from blogging. The week before christmas was a rush! And Christmas with the whole family and little ones this year was so special but so exhausting. Oh and then there was that whole stomach flu thing… Long story short, I took a holiday break but… Continue Reading

Smarty Pants: Oh really Real Simple?

SmartyPants 10.25.11

Magazines are great fun aren’t they? You know the feeling when you have a comfy chair and a magazine and nothing else to do? You get a little aflutter. They are the best thing about plane trips, the only redeeming factor in waiting rooms, and still the best way to scope out your fantasy wedding dress. But you know what is better… Continue Reading

Smarty Pants: Tweedy Bird

Picture 1 20-25-10

Hello! Here is another affordable alternative to a crave worthy look, this time from J Crew. While hunting for fall fashion inspiration I came across this tweed skirt featured on their “Jenna’s Picks” page with encouragement to show a little skin before winter is suddenly upon us. I was surprised to see it matched up with pointy black heels, lady like purse and a… Continue Reading

Smarty Pants: Early Fall Flounces

Picture 4

I truly adore the luxurious fashion inspiration that is Anthropologie. However with Anthropologie (and other such style makers) I swoon often but buy rarely, due to the disparity between my eyes and my pocket book. So I have decided to be a “smarty pants” and be smart about buying my pants! And dresses, and skirts, and blouses… you get the… Continue Reading